Monday, August 22, 2011


MicroKilim Miniature hanging rugs



"It is not only gold but also worked gold in the most noble, such as to almost forget its value as metal."
F. Nietzsche, Human, too much human II

While the richest carpets concealed their noble nature with the obedient reproduction of drawings on paper of a miniaturist... the poor Kilim freely exhibited the textile nature of their designs, not subjected to any painting.
MicroKilim exposes the ancestral abstraction and the eternal richness of those free patterns, isolating the construction details as microscope slides, as in precious votive offerings for divine grace received: the faculty of weaving.
MicroKilim: unique pins hand-woven with threads of gold and silk.
Warp: Hemp.
Weft: Silk and Golden thread, recovered from warp bobbins of Lisio Weaving for Fendi Baguette.

Luciano Ghersi in facoltà di Tessere - in faculty of Weaving
Porchiano del Monte, Giugno 2011

Thirsty Summer 2011

Thirsty Summer 01/20

Eco-illogical recycling of plastic package for bottles.

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