Sunday, August 29, 2010

Textile jevels, sculptures...

Textile jevels, sculptures, ornaments and boxes.
Objects made by hand weaving of ancient pages, real gold thread, sometimes glass beads from Africa, wrought iron keys from India, porcupine quills.
Antique books have wonderful pages, which last for centuries. The ancient paper was made by recycling of hemp and linen fabrics, hand spun and hand woweny. Here is therefore a material rich in history, even when it was new, a few centuries ago.
Italy is full of antique books, they are mostly due to the Catholic Church, which had a lot to print: ritual or theological manuals, law, hagiography. Those Popes stripped the marble of ancient Rome, to build new churches and palaces, they even merged the ancient bronzes of Pantheon for their modern gun batteries in Castel Sant'Angelo. Should I not have the right to recycle their old books in my modern weaving?